About The Book
A collection of experiences from more than twenty years of teaching, these snippets of students and their various actions and reactions will give readers indelible images of life in the classroom.

"The author's light, readable style fits perfectly with this collection of stories, essays and anecdotes. . . . angry students, head lice, food, sleepy teenagers, homework excuses . . . .These are all ripe topics for humor and nostalgia."
- Judge, 23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"Her love of being a teacher also shines through in a list of her 'favorite moments': Tying neckties in the narthex just before graduation Mass begins; supervising an after-school detention and then spending the time having a meaningful conversation instead of making the student do the writing assignment; holding the newborn baby of that student you hoped would make a good mother. Or father."
- The Criterion, August 14, 2015

Evelyn's recognition as an up-and-coming Indiana author was her selection as a participant in the 2016 Indy Author Fair: Meet Hoosier Authors, presented by the Indianapolis Public Library and the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award.

116 pages.
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About The Author
Evelyn Karozos has been a teacher in the elementary and middle school setting for more than 20 years. Her heart lies in the area of special education, but she has also taught Spanish, speech, and a host of enrichment classes, most memorably "Pardon My Manners" and "So Many Books, So Little Time."

After a career at a major Chicago bank enjoying that city's spectacular lakefront, Evelyn returned to her Hoosier roots to begin her teaching experience, and currently resides in Indianapolis.